E: Everyday

Everyday No-brainer Fitness is the cornerstone of No-brainer Fitness. But what is it, exactly?

Simply put, it is a service that provides a daily exercise routine that anyone can do, and gentle reminders throughout the day to remain active.

Depending on your current level of fitness, you could be getting one or more of the following, delivered (for now) by email or via text messages:

  • Daily reminders to keep moving (with suggested activities),
  • A daily exercise “routine”, adjusted to your level of fitness,
  • A weekly diet challenge,
  • A weekly exercise challenge,
  • A weekly lifestyle challenge.

All this for the totally unreasonable price of $1 per week. Yes, you read that right: for a buck per week, you get to be accompanied on a daily basis in your effort to become more active and have better, healthier habits. (Minimum sign-up is 10 weeks at a time, just to simplify accounting…)

Movement Everyday

Movement, the key to Everyday fitness.

Through scientifically-proven methods of training such as High-intensity Intervals Training (HIT), and a sprinkling of daily and weekly challenges, anyone can become more active and maximize their chances of living a long, healthy life.

As an additional incentive to remain focused, to develop your own purpose for everyday activity, the program suggests that you sign a “contract”. But not just any kind of contract: A contract with yourself, or with a significant other, or with your kids (or kids to be), to formalize your intention to move more.

Then it is simply a matter of doing the activities, and rise to the challenges on a weekly basis.

To sign-up, or simply to find out more, please fill the form below:

(These questions are meant to understand your situation, and will be kept strictly confidential.)

You will receive an email soon after completing the form…

Keep moving!

Photo credits: Pixabay.

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