In a few words…

What is this “no-brainer” fitness you just stumbled upon? That’s a curious name, isn’t it?

Let me explain, so you’ll have a feel for whether you’ve come to the right place. And whether you want to come back…

I’ll do so using just a few short paragraphs, leaving it for later, in regular posts, to expand on the notions touched upon here.

Why No-brainer Fitness?

The purpose of No-brainer Fitness is to maximize your odds of living a full, healthy life. It is NOT fitness for the sake of losing weight, or looking a certain way. That happens, as you become more fit, to some extent.

It is not fitness for the sake of competing against others; it is about pushing your own boundaries. I must insist on this, because my main contention is that when you lose sight of why you train, or when you do it for the wrong reasons, you fall into obsession about the training itself, and you risk hurting yourself and start in fact decreasing your overall health.

Who is it for?

No-brainer fitness is for beginners and “age groupers” alike; it is for anyone wishing to be healthier, and to attain (or restore) balance in their lives.

Fitness will not cure disease, nor can it guarantee a life without any. But research has shown that it can dramatically increase your odds. And that’s within your power. Every single day. One activity at a time.

No-brainer fitness is “simple” fitness.

Getting fit is not complicated. All too often, however, personal trainers, coaches, and equipment sellers make it sound complicated. I won’t. Instead of relying on complex training sessions, my approach is based on a solid understanding of the theory of training, on simple and to the point structures, and on activities that are much closer to normal life.

No-brainer fitness is “everyday” fitness.

It is about doing little things, on a regular enough basis that it makes a difference. It is not about intense boot camps, high-energy workouts led by a cheerleader-coach, or someone shouting at you “c’mon! two more reps!”. It is about performing more activities on a regular basis. And it is about everyone being able to do it; fitness is not just for elite athletes, or for crazed adrenalin junkies… It is for what I call “everyday athletes”, which we all have the power to be.

No-brainer fitness is “pragmatic” fitness.

It is about using one’s own body as much as possible. Our bodies have evolved to move. A lot. So to be healthy we need to be moving more. It is about doing something, perhaps starting from nothing or from very little physical readiness, without going overboard and without having to change your entire life. It is about introducing simple habits that fit your lifestyle, not changing your lifestyle to accommodate training habits. In other words, it is about extending your daily habits to include elements that will make you more fit, and therefore healthier.

No-brainer fitness is “mindful” fitness.

It is about becoming conscious of your body’s need to move, of its requirements for nourishment, and of how it feels to be doing more physically. But it is also about making decisions about what to do, what to eat (and what not to do or eat) in a way that will increase your odds of being healthy. Mindfulness is a very important element, even though the name no-brainer would appear to be a contradiction. But think of it as being clear enough about the real needs of your body so that when the time comes to make a decision, that decision becomes a no-brainer.

So that’s what it is, in a few words: simple, pragmatic, everyday, mindful.

So welcome to No-brainer Fitness. I hope you’ll come on this journey with me.

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