C: Coaching

Interested in getting to the next level of fitness? Wishing to start running, or perhaps do a first triathlon?

Perhaps you are already fairly fit, but finding yourself frequently injured, or having difficulties balancing training with the other demands on your time?

You may be willing to learn what you’ll need to navigate the intricacies of training on your own. It’s what many do, to varying degrees of success.

Hiring a personal coach is an excellent way to improve the odds of success. Especially if you pick one that has a balanced approach, combining solid science with practical training plans, and who is not afraid of doing a lot of the work with you until such a time as you can do it entirely on your own.

Beginners and age groupers alike can benefit from practical, one-on-one coaching in swimming, cycling, running, and, of course, triathlon.

My coaching approach is very much a “no-brainer”. You get complete programs, regular reviews, on-demand advice, and if you live in the Saguenay or Quebec City areas (in Canada), private training sessions to really set you on your way. All you then have to do is follow the program.

For more information about personal coaching, check out the Coaching page of the sister site to No-brainer Fitness: Endurathlon.


Running Training Coaching

Wanna get running, or perhaps into triathlon?

Photo credits: Pixabay.

One thought on “C: Coaching

  1. if you’re here cause you’re interested to do a triathlon, running, cycling or swimming event, you’re at the right place cause Sacha is the coach to train with! He was our coach for TNT Triathlon 2012. He coaches based on where you are and where you want to get and adopts the trainings based on your needs. He is aware of techniques and guides to avoid injuries. I used to have pain in one knee and one hip after a longer run and had to stop because of it. But Sacha taught me how to run properly and I am always thankful for that! He is always optimistic and makes the training fun! He teaches & guides you through everything; swimming, transitions, what to eat, how to change the tires, … Training for and doing a triathlon the right way was so much fun! Of course you get down days but the joy is definitely way much more! If you’re thinking about this, don’t think too much, sometimes you just need to do it! (this is also a self-note, too ; -)

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