Here’s a first challenge, for all of us

Sitting, Movement

Let’s go from this…

Part of what I am trying to do with my “spare” time is help people become more fit, and ultimately healthy, through No-brainer Fitness and some coaching for Team in Training. (Full disclosure: I have a full-time job unrelated to fitness, am very happily married to a wonderful woman, and travel quite a bit between Montreal and Boston, so “spare” time is what it is.)

But what does it mean, really, to help people become more fit, and how can I hope to achieve that?

Well, one of the mechanisms I have set up is what I call “No-brainer Fitness E”, where the E stands for Everyday.

In a nutshell, it is a service I offer to develop some good habits in terms of exercise, and reduce the bad habits in terms of diet and lifestyle. Among other things.

Today, instead of explaining more about No-brainer Fitness E (feel free to check out the page), let me give you a first challenge, very much along the lines of what subscribers would get (for a ridiculously low price, I might add, and stop the marketing pitch at that):

Daily Exercise Challenge: Pick a moment, other than your usual lunch time, in the middle of your busy day, and go for a 10 minutes walk. Preferably outside, preferably brisk, but the key thing is to move. (With the E service, you would not get to pick the moment, but receive a notification to do it, right now, or postpone by at most x minutes. And the challenge would be different on each day.)

Weekly Diet Challenge: Pick a day, any day of this week, and make sure you eat only food you have prepared yourself from base ingredients. No restaurant, no prepared food bought at grocery stores, etc. (As this requires some planning to have ingredients handy and some food for a lunch, it is a weekly challenge that you get notified of on Sunday so can prepare for it.)

Weekly Habits Challenge: On four of the seven days of this week, set 5 minutes aside to perform a simple meditation exercise, focusing only on your breathing. (Habits challenges are more repetitive, yet should demand very little time. But the benefits are real, well proven, and so the aim is to start forming new positive habits.)

Movement, Exercise, Everyday

…to this. Just not in a wooden way.

That’s it. Three simple challenges.

Can you do that?

Do you dare challenge yourself?

Do you dare challenge yourself everyday, and turn burgeoning habits into long-term behaviors?

It starts with simple actions, and it’s up to each and everyone of us.

Photos from Pixabay.

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