What’s wrong with this picture?


Just a hint: It’s not just in the picture.

No, it is not the Navy game; nothing against that. It is not because it is American Football; though I’m not a fan, it is a very demanding sport. And it is not the picture itself, though I might have framed it differently.

Here’s what is wrong with this picture:

For some 40 guys that are playing a game, there are thousands in the stands just sitting on their rear ends, watching. And eating bad stuff. And drinking even worse stuff (and I don’t mean just the beer).

What’s worse, a large portion of them drove (see all the cars?) to be able to sit and watch a very small group of people move.

What’s worst, for those thousands watching the game in this stadium, there are many more watching from the comfort of their living rooms, not even having walked to their cars, and then from their cars to the stadium, to watch. And who knows what stuff those watching from home eat and drink? (Though you can bet it is less expensive than what is sold in the stadium.)

Why am I picking on this?

Just to make a simple point: As a society, we love to watch sports. And if you move plenty the rest of the time, it is not a bad thing. But we are way too sedentary; we tend to watch a lot, and not move nearly enough. And while we watch, all too often we eat at the same time…

It’s a perfect recipe for loss of fitness, weight gain, metabolic stress, etc.

Perhaps it is not your case. Perhaps I am preaching to choir, as they say. But the point remains: To be more fit, we need to watch less, and move more.

Photo from Pixabay.

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